1. Because Wufan is the Most Passionate When Singing

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  2. kris exo

  3. I’ve wasted so much time today that I might as well have finished my drama AND bought makeup. I didn’t even work on my essay really. I just. I just want to do things I enjoy. I suppose that’s selfish of me. And perhaps unproductive. But would I not find some initiative if left to my own devices. I suppose I’ll never know. And what am I doing now? Writing this when I should be sleeping.
    What shall become of my life? I’m no main character from a drama who will have an extremely rich, probably mean on first meeting guy fall in love with me and all that. I don’t really want that out of life anyway. It just would be an easy way out of financial issues. After writing that, I feel like a major jerk. I just want privilege on top of privilege? Or is this just second hand guilt speaking?

    I would like a dog please. Dogs are so sweet and non-judgmental. Humans can be rather cumbersome. I was thinking about why I might want a boyfriend and realized a dog would be a fairly adequate substitute. Really, someone to hug and listen to me is a big part of it. And a dog might be better than some people at those things. I haven’t had a dog for years now. I feel like, as an introvert, a dog might be the perfect companion. I’m usually fine with being alone, but a dog would be nice when I do get lonely. And I don’t have to deal with pointless conversation with a dog. If I want to say something, I can, but the pressure is off.
    So may I have a dog please?

  4. personal random rant homework procrastination essay dramas dog why didn't I just sleep?

  5. Zelo giving a lucky fan orange juice 〜(^∇^〜)

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  6. no zelo bap

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  8. kwangsoo what are you doing I still love you who am I kidding this is WHY i love you

  9. pervingonkpop:

    i saw that tag of luhan’s piercing and i thought i’d share ;D


  10. no luhan what exo

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  12. jaejoong

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    “i don’t watch tv” proudly says a person who spend 8 hours a day on the internet

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  14. yep only whole kdramas in a weekend or so :/ i need to not do this but i want to sigh

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  16. Yesung precious baby i love you super junior

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    cr: 杪杪锵

  18. fabulous super junior

  19. Heechul for Ceci May Edition

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  20. pretty heenim heechul

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  22. oh dear junsu you're lovely

  23. 1000年、ずっとそばにいて・・・

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  24. wow onew sometimes you look hotter than the derp we all know you are I don't even know what I'm saying shinee

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  26. may I have them?

  27. hi:

    to everyone with finals and exams and big projects due very very soon and haven’t started anything yet


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  28. hahahahahahahahahahaha

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    Let it go, let it go~ 

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  30. are they getting their nails done? i feel like I need to watch this now wgm